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What clients have said about my work

Here are samples of what some of my clients have said about my ability to deliver quality content in a timely fashion.


“Writers on the internet are a dime a dozen. Finding one who can write with intelligence and conviction is the toughest task a marketer faces. Every writing project I’ve asked of Doug Hanna has been finished with excellent results. I highly recommend his services…but please don’t wear him out, I need him.”

–Mitchell S.

“I asked Doug if he would do a longer report and he was more than happy to. I gave him the topic with very little details and just a general outline of what I was looking for and he took it and ran with it. “I know the topic required a lot of research to write about, so I was thrilled to see that Doug took the bull by the horns so to speak on this. “He completed the work in a very timely manner and I just received the report today. It is phenomenal. I could easily throw up a sales page and put this report as is on Clickbank for $27 and probably make a killing. “I will definitely use Doug again for any future writing projects I have. That is of course if he doesn’t get booked through 2011 once more people start finding out about him.”

–Jonathan H.


“I must say that I am more than pleased with Doug’s work!  If you’ve ever hired a ghostwriter. You know how frustrating it can be to receive completed projects that are very poorly written, way past the deadline and are the obvious result of spun PLR. ”Doug is a real pro with true talent as a writer and a joy to work with…what a concept!   Imagine someone in this business that actually overdelivers (gasp).  Don’t think about hiring him, just do it now!”

–Brantley W.


“Working with Doug has been spot on for me. I just gave him a task to expand a report I had……he took it……..expanded it………added to it and low and behold I have an excellent report, on time and for a good price.

Thanks Doug .”

–Bart R.

I sent Doug a very basic outline, and he did a great job making it into a full-blown report. ”Highly recommended atnormalprice, let alone this special rate… which I’m sure won’t last long.”

–Caliban D.


“Doug just did one of these reports for me and I’m very happy with it. I gave him an outline and he got to work. Turned out very well. ”I doubt he’ll be doing these for this rate long so don’t overbook him – I have more for him later this week! “

–Tina G.


” I VERY highly recommend Doug’s writing. It’s of the highest quality — I say it all the time and I’ll say it again – I’m VERY picky about hiring other writers. I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to hire Doug agian.

–Jenn D.


A little late in giving Doug a feedback recomendation but wanted everyone to know I hired Doug for 8 articles on a fairly technical topic and got back well structured and good content in a quick timeframe. I wil be proud to put on my blog — thanks Doug.”

–Dan H.
“This is my 3rd time hiring Doug to write articles for me. I am very pleased with the high quality, time and effort you can witness in each article. And the search engines like it too. Thank you again Doug.”

–Adam T.


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