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I view this as good news and bad news

I’ve been doing a lot of research on Google recently and have noticed that many of the results I get our e-zine articles.

Now, I know that’s good for the people who wrote them. After all, when you write in the scene article, isn’t the whole objective to get on Google’s first page?

However, as a researcher I find it very annoying as I just don’t trust information I would get from an e-zine article. So, I have to scroll down and down and look at result after result until I can find an authority site.

This is where it really gets interesting.

I feel like I’m getting worse search results since Panda. Maybe this is just my imagination but it seems that the search results I am now seeing are just not as good as they used to be.

For example, when I would search on a medical term such as tubal ligation research, the 1st results I would see would typically be from something such as Web MD, an obstetrician or the Mayo Clinic. But when I now search on a medical term, I’m just as likely to get a bunch of articles before I find any authority site.

If you’re doing research, are you seeing the same kind of results that I am?


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