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Google’s Panda 2.2 promises to wipe out more republished content

Google is set to implement another change in its algorithm called Panda 2.2. According to one article I read:

“The differences with Panda update 2.2 lies in its implementation – Cutts (Matt Cutts of Google) said that the algorithm will be manually scanning for those particular websites that are involved in content farming and/or content re-publishing.

“While Panda Update 2.1 was only released in early May, it was a minor update and received no fanfare from Google. The fact that Matt Cutts has mentioned 2.2 at one of the biggest SEO conferences of the year indicates that its probably going to be big (and have quite an impact).

“However, to avoid any great impact to your websites ranking, ensure that your site is kept up-to-date with good quality content (italics mine). This will reduce the likelihood of any penalty or if you have already been penalized in previous updates then the penalty should soon be lifted after the 2.2 launch.”

This makes it even clearer that good quality content in the form of articles and reports written specifically for your sites will always keep you in Google’s good graces … and you sites highly ranked.



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