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Ed had it right

Have you seen Ed Dale’s email or webinar titled “Always Be Shipping?”The sum and substance of the email was that, if you want to make money online, content is critical. Google loves good content. People want to link to your site when it has good content. Good content is link bait.

Conversely, when people come to a two-page site featuring a product you could buy on amazon.com, do you think people are really going to click that link to amazon? I guess some people would. But the vast majority of visitors are going to take one look at that rubbish and click off.  I would dearly like to see the Average Time On Site of some of those blogs. It must be in the tenths of a second – or less.

People are becoming more sophisticated and so is Google. Its panda update was all about quality content. It was designed to down rank content farms like ezinearticles and eHow. Its goal is to punish those sites and reward high-quality sites – i.e., sites with content that will be useful to those who search on the relevant keyword.

Take a look at your own site or sites. Think about people searching on the keywords that got them to your sites. What were they expecting to find? If you have a site about the Canon S640 camera and people search on that term, what do you think they’re expecting to find when they land on your site? , Are they expecting to find a couple of paragraphs of copy and a link to amazon.com are are they expecting a richer experience?  If it were me, I’d be expecting to find a site with a lot of information about the camera, some unbiased reviews, samples of photos taken with the camera, maybe a video showing how to use it … you get the idea.

The Internet world is changing, folks, and it will continue to change. If you want to make money online, you need to understand that – and the need for good content.


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