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A message to those of you who buy ghostwritig – and a little known secret revealed

If you buy ghostwriting, thanks. Without you, we would truly be ghosts – hunched over our monitors, covered with cobwebs, dry and desiccated, whiling the hours away playing Angry Birds on our iPads.

So what’s the big secret?We love positive feedback and will just about stand on our collective heads to perform for those who give us a kind word or two.

Think about the life of the average ghostwriter. We toil away in obscurity and anonymity. We try our damndest to please our clients as we work far into the night (well, sometimes far into the night) to meet our deadlines. Then we send off our work and what do we get in return? We often get zilch feedback. Nada. No comments except for the occasional request for revisions.

Of course, we get paid and that’s always nice. But it’s really frustrating to work our butts off and hear nothing in return.

Here’s the deal. If you want to get really top quality work delivered on time, give your ghostwriter(s) a bit of praise now and then. Something as simple as “great job, thanks for the extra effort” or “damn, that was great content” not only warms the cockles of our hearts but impels us to work even harder on your next assignment.

It only takes a minute to give a ghostwriter an online “hug” but it can buy you a ton of loyalty and lots of extra effort.



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