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I belong to a great site called Earn1KaDay ( It is just an amazing resource for anyone who wants to make money online. One of its best features is that you can do a poll where members can vote on a topic such as “how much do you make a day from online marketing?”

If I can frame the questions correctly, I’m going to do a poll on what’s most important to webmasters in hiring ghostwriters. I think the criteria are: on-time delivery , correct grammer and punctuation, quality content and responsiveness to requests for revisions. However, I’m afraid the real answer “is all of the above.” I would dearly like to know what webmasters want from ghostwriters but am not sure I can get a good answer. But I am going to try.

If you’re using article marketing to get rankings and drive traffic to your site, it’s important to know which directories you should be submitting to. After all, what’s the point of submitting articles to directories that aren’t very popular?

Here are the top 20 places to submit articles by page rank and Alexa ranking.

URL                     Alexa       Page Rank 1 7 101 7 157 6 206 7 260 6 433 6 709 7 827 6 900 8 1,057 7 1,130 7 1,463 6 1,548 7 1,969 3 2,117 6 2,127 2 2,293 6 3,078 6 3,124 5 3,195 5


Just watched a great presentation by Rand Fishkin of SEOMOZ on the future of linking.  He showed illustrations of the results you get on Google even after the Farmer/Panda change and that they are still crap.

Rand says that Bing is already able to spot – and ignore – links from spun articles. Google incorporates some but in the future? Rand’s guess is that it will eventually follow Bing’s lead and start ignoring links from spun articles. He feels – and I agree – that spun articles are basically spam.

Rand also said that what Google really likes are links from trusted sources. He also believes that it’s critical that you present yourself as a human and that it’s important that you create a brand.

You can see Rand’s entire presentation on YouTube at

He had a lot of good stuff to say. Don’t miss it.


I’ve been watching a video of a presentation done by Rand Fishkin of SEOMOZ. They have research showing what a site needs to ger a high number of links. The 10,000 ft. view is that you need to become a content resource in your niche. You do this by offering:

  • Unique research
  • Informed opinions
  • New/Trend analysis
  • Multimedia Content
  • Expert Contributors
  • Quality Discussion

Rand’s presentation runs more than and hour but I found it to be well worth the time. Click here to watch the presentation.

If you buy ghostwriting, thanks. Without you, we would truly be ghosts – hunched over our monitors, covered with cobwebs, dry and desiccated, whiling the hours away playing Angry Birds on our iPads.

So what’s the big secret?We love positive feedback and will just about stand on our collective heads to perform for those who give us a kind word or two.

Think about the life of the average ghostwriter. We toil away in obscurity and anonymity. We try our damndest to please our clients as we work far into the night (well, sometimes far into the night) to meet our deadlines. Then we send off our work and what do we get in return? We often get zilch feedback. Nada. No comments except for the occasional request for revisions.

Of course, we get paid and that’s always nice. But it’s really frustrating to work our butts off and hear nothing in return.

Here’s the deal. If you want to get really top quality work delivered on time, give your ghostwriter(s) a bit of praise now and then. Something as simple as “great job, thanks for the extra effort” or “damn, that was great content” not only warms the cockles of our hearts but impels us to work even harder on your next assignment.

It only takes a minute to give a ghostwriter an online “hug” but it can buy you a ton of loyalty and lots of extra effort.


Have you seen Ed Dale’s email or webinar titled “Always Be Shipping?”The sum and substance of the email was that, if you want to make money online, content is critical. Google loves good content. People want to link to your site when it has good content. Good content is link bait.

Conversely, when people come to a two-page site featuring a product you could buy on, do you think people are really going to click that link to amazon? I guess some people would. But the vast majority of visitors are going to take one look at that rubbish and click off.  I would dearly like to see the Average Time On Site of some of those blogs. It must be in the tenths of a second – or less.

People are becoming more sophisticated and so is Google. Its panda update was all about quality content. It was designed to down rank content farms like ezinearticles and eHow. Its goal is to punish those sites and reward high-quality sites – i.e., sites with content that will be useful to those who search on the relevant keyword.

Take a look at your own site or sites. Think about people searching on the keywords that got them to your sites. What were they expecting to find? If you have a site about the Canon S640 camera and people search on that term, what do you think they’re expecting to find when they land on your site? , Are they expecting to find a couple of paragraphs of copy and a link to are are they expecting a richer experience?  If it were me, I’d be expecting to find a site with a lot of information about the camera, some unbiased reviews, samples of photos taken with the camera, maybe a video showing how to use it … you get the idea.

The Internet world is changing, folks, and it will continue to change. If you want to make money online, you need to understand that – and the need for good content.

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