June 2011

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Here are samples of what some of my clients have said about my ability to deliver quality content in a timely fashion.


“Writers on the internet are a dime a dozen. Finding one who can write with intelligence and conviction is the toughest task a marketer faces. Every writing project I’ve asked of Doug Hanna has been finished with excellent results. I highly recommend his services…but please don’t wear him out, I need him.”

–Mitchell S.

“I asked Doug if he would do a longer report and he was more than happy to. I gave him the topic with very little details and just a general outline of what I was looking for and he took it and ran with it. “I know the topic required a lot of research to write about, so I was thrilled to see that Doug took the bull by the horns so to speak on this. “He completed the work in a very timely manner and I just received the report today. It is phenomenal. I could easily throw up a sales page and put this report as is on Clickbank for $27 and probably make a killing. “I will definitely use Doug again for any future writing projects I have. That is of course if he doesn’t get booked through 2011 once more people start finding out about him.”

–Jonathan H.


“I must say that I am more than pleased with Doug’s work!  If you’ve ever hired a ghostwriter. You know how frustrating it can be to receive completed projects that are very poorly written, way past the deadline and are the obvious result of spun PLR. ”Doug is a real pro with true talent as a writer and a joy to work with…what a concept!   Imagine someone in this business that actually overdelivers (gasp).  Don’t think about hiring him, just do it now!”

–Brantley W.


“Working with Doug has been spot on for me. I just gave him a task to expand a report I had……he took it……..expanded it………added to it and low and behold I have an excellent report, on time and for a good price.

Thanks Doug .”

–Bart R.

I sent Doug a very basic outline, and he did a great job making it into a full-blown report. ”Highly recommended atnormalprice, let alone this special rate… which I’m sure won’t last long.”

–Caliban D.


“Doug just did one of these reports for me and I’m very happy with it. I gave him an outline and he got to work. Turned out very well. ”I doubt he’ll be doing these for this rate long so don’t overbook him – I have more for him later this week! “

–Tina G.


” I VERY highly recommend Doug’s writing. It’s of the highest quality — I say it all the time and I’ll say it again – I’m VERY picky about hiring other writers. I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to hire Doug agian.

–Jenn D.


A little late in giving Doug a feedback recomendation but wanted everyone to know I hired Doug for 8 articles on a fairly technical topic and got back well structured and good content in a quick timeframe. I wil be proud to put on my blog — thanks Doug.”

–Dan H.
“This is my 3rd time hiring Doug to write articles for me. I am very pleased with the high quality, time and effort you can witness in each article. And the search engines like it too. Thank you again Doug.”

–Adam T.


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I found a video titled “who owns your content” that I thought had some good information. Here it is.

Who Owns Your Content?

A few days ago, I purchased a course (PDFs and videos) that taught how to make money by writing reviews of products on Amazon.com. There was nothing blackhat. It taught how to set up a site, get a domain name, find profitble keywords, etc.  I have to admit I’m sort of leading from ignorance as I never completed the course. However, it seemed to me that if one were to follow all the instructions and do everything recommended, one would make some money.

What bothered me

There were a couple of reasons why I gave up on the course. First, it taught that you should use keywords that included a brand name, such as http://canonpowershot.com.

I seriously avoid suing brand names because you can just never know when the company owning the brand will hit you with a cease and desist order – leaving you with little choice but to shut down the site.

Second, it recommended finding other people’s reviews and then writing a new one using them as source material. In other words, you didn’t have to actually own or use the product to create a review, which just rubbed me the wrong way.

I don’t see this as “black hat” or illegal but it just smacks of being a “faux” review. I also wonder if you can really write a good review if you’ve never actually used the product. IMHO, the best reviews are those that simpley say whether or not they thought the product was worth what it cost.

I know that product reviews are a great way to get ranked on Google and that people often search for product reviews so they do generate traffic. But my philosophy is that it just isn’t ethical to write reviews unless they are of products I’ve actually used.

What do you think?


Google is set to implement another change in its algorithm called Panda 2.2. According to one article I read:

“The differences with Panda update 2.2 lies in its implementation – Cutts (Matt Cutts of Google) said that the algorithm will be manually scanning for those particular websites that are involved in content farming and/or content re-publishing.

“While Panda Update 2.1 was only released in early May, it was a minor update and received no fanfare from Google. The fact that Matt Cutts has mentioned 2.2 at one of the biggest SEO conferences of the year indicates that its probably going to be big (and have quite an impact).

“However, to avoid any great impact to your websites ranking, ensure that your site is kept up-to-date with good quality content (italics mine). This will reduce the likelihood of any penalty or if you have already been penalized in previous updates then the penalty should soon be lifted after the 2.2 launch.”

This makes it even clearer that good quality content in the form of articles and reports written specifically for your sites will always keep you in Google’s good graces … and you sites highly ranked.


I just put this video on YouTube explaining what I think are four things you really need to know to succeed at article marketing.

I hope you find it of help.





I belong to a great site called Earn1KaDay (http://earn1kaday.net/). It is just an amazing resource for anyone who wants to make money online. One of its best features is that you can do a poll where members can vote on a topic such as “how much do you make a day from online marketing?”

If I can frame the questions correctly, I’m going to do a poll on what’s most important to webmasters in hiring ghostwriters. I think the criteria are: on-time delivery , correct grammer and punctuation, quality content and responsiveness to requests for revisions. However, I’m afraid the real answer “is all of the above.” I would dearly like to know what webmasters want from ghostwriters but am not sure I can get a good answer. But I am going to try.

If you’re using article marketing to get rankings and drive traffic to your site, it’s important to know which directories you should be submitting to. After all, what’s the point of submitting articles to directories that aren’t very popular?

Here are the top 20 places to submit articles by page rank and Alexa ranking.

URL                     Alexa       Page Rank


knol.google.com 1 7
ehow.com 101 7
ezinearticles.com 157 6
squidoo.com 206 7
hubpages.com 260 6
articlesbase.com 433 6
examiner.com 709 7
buzzle.com 827 6
technorati.com 900 8
associatedcontent.com 1,057 7
suite101.com 1,130 7
brighthub.com 1,463 6
seekingalpha.com 1,548 7
goarticles.com 1,969 3
helium.com 2,117 6
ezinemark.com 2,127 2
gather.com 2,293 6
selfgrowth.com 3,078 6
articlesnatch.com 3,124 5
articlealley.com 3,195 5


Just watched a great presentation by Rand Fishkin of SEOMOZ on the future of linking.  He showed illustrations of the results you get on Google even after the Farmer/Panda change and that they are still crap.

Rand says that Bing is already able to spot – and ignore – links from spun articles. Google incorporates some but in the future? Rand’s guess is that it will eventually follow Bing’s lead and start ignoring links from spun articles. He feels – and I agree – that spun articles are basically spam.

Rand also said that what Google really likes are links from trusted sources. He also believes that it’s critical that you present yourself as a human and that it’s important that you create a brand.

You can see Rand’s entire presentation on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnjU4laWgDo&feature=player_embedded

He had a lot of good stuff to say. Don’t miss it.


I’ve been watching a video of a presentation done by Rand Fishkin of SEOMOZ. They have research showing what a site needs to ger a high number of links. The 10,000 ft. view is that you need to become a content resource in your niche. You do this by offering:

  • Unique research
  • Informed opinions
  • New/Trend analysis
  • Multimedia Content
  • Expert Contributors
  • Quality Discussion

Rand’s presentation runs more than and hour but I found it to be well worth the time. Click here to watch the presentation.

If you buy ghostwriting, thanks. Without you, we would truly be ghosts – hunched over our monitors, covered with cobwebs, dry and desiccated, whiling the hours away playing Angry Birds on our iPads.

So what’s the big secret?We love positive feedback and will just about stand on our collective heads to perform for those who give us a kind word or two.

Think about the life of the average ghostwriter. We toil away in obscurity and anonymity. We try our damndest to please our clients as we work far into the night (well, sometimes far into the night) to meet our deadlines. Then we send off our work and what do we get in return? We often get zilch feedback. Nada. No comments except for the occasional request for revisions.

Of course, we get paid and that’s always nice. But it’s really frustrating to work our butts off and hear nothing in return.

Here’s the deal. If you want to get really top quality work delivered on time, give your ghostwriter(s) a bit of praise now and then. Something as simple as “great job, thanks for the extra effort” or “damn, that was great content” not only warms the cockles of our hearts but impels us to work even harder on your next assignment.

It only takes a minute to give a ghostwriter an online “hug” but it can buy you a ton of loyalty and lots of extra effort.