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Why buy ghostwritten articles?

I’m going to keep this brief because if you’re here, you must have an interest in hiring a ghostwriter. The simple explanation is that Google loves good content. In fact, its recent Panda update was all about delivering better content.

Other sites love good content. People love good content and trust those who provide good content. In short, good content – professionally writer articles, posts, e-mails and reports will earn you much more than their cost.

My story

Who’s Doug Hanna? As you might have been able to infer from my photo, I ain’t, as my parents used to say, no spring chicken. I’ve been some kind of writer for better than 40 years.

It’s been a kind of long, strange trip. Or at least strange for a boy born in Omaha aka “the stockyards capital of America.”

I left Nebraska a couple of weeks after I’d received my BA with a move to Indianapolis where I was an insurance claims adjustor.  Eighteen months taught me I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life arguing about money with people who had just been injured.

I literally bought (paid an employment agency) for my first writing job, which was as a promotional manager for TV Guide magazine. Two years later, I was a junior copywriter for an ad agency in Ft. Wayne, IN where my claim to fame was creating an ad that sold 50,000 fishing lures the first month it was on the market. I can still remember its headline. I guess you just never forget your first love (sigh!).

Next, it was back to Indianapolis then St. Paul, MN and finally to Denver where I worked for bunch of agencies that no longer exist.  And no, that wasn’t my fault, ok?

We had some fun. Well, maybe we had too much fun

How was working for an ad agency “back in the day?” Think Mad Men without quite so much booze. It was a great time as men like Bill Bernback and David Ogilvie were still writing and George Lois was still art directing. I learned so much just by studying their work. I can still close my eyes and see Bernbach’s great “Think small” ad for Volkswagen.

I won a bunch of awards for my creative work here before going out on my own as a freelance copywriter Boy! Did I have a tough boss? He just rode me unmercifully.

I eventually fell prey to the siren song of the 401k – and took a job in the corporate world where I learned that Dilbert was not entirely fiction.  Twelve years later, I retired but eventually got bored and discovered the joy of Internet marketing – specifically ghostwriting – which I have been doing ever since. I feel like I’ve come full circle from copywriter to ghostwriter. It just took a long time to complete that circle.

I’d run through fire to meet a deadline

You might say I’m compulsive or, to put it a bit more mildly, very goal oriented.  When you ask for a job to be finished by a certain date, you’ll get it on that date with no ifs, ands and only one but – but if I’m flat on my back with a serious illness. I’m just as compulsive about the due dates I give clients – even when they haven’t asked for one. My three children say I’m the most self-disciplined person they’ve ever met. And who am I to argue with my kids?

My rates

I think my rates are darn reasonable especially given the fact that you’re getting the work of an old copywriting pro who’s been there and done it all and has the awards to prove it.

I charge $10 for 400-500 word articles, $20 for 400-500 word spyntax articles though it galls my writer’s soul to do spyntax. I charge $80 for a 10-12-page report. If you need something longer than 12 pages, mail me at dfhanna@gmail.com with the deets and I’ll give you a firm quote. With my credentials I could charge a lot more but I don’t do this for money. I do it because I love to write and I don’t need tto make scads of money.

I have samples of my work and a few testimonials on my blog. I also have a big, thick portfolio that holds a lot of samples from my golden days in the agency business but I’m not going to bore you with them.

Good but cheap

If you want to just steal some of my work, go to my PLR site, http://thebestplr.com. I wrote everything you’d find there – no rewritten PLR, no articles that have been spun. You’ll find some nice bundles there for as little as $5.

Check out my latest video on “Four Things You Absolutely need to Know To Succeed At Article Marketing” …



Thanks again for stopping by.

Doug Hanna, the old ad pro



  1. sanibel island resorts’s avatar

    Hey, Needed to ask you something. Is this site a wordpress web log? We are making plans for transferring my blog site from Blogger to wordpress, do you think this is possible? Also did you build this specific template by yourself some how? Regards for the help!


    1. admin’s avatar


      This is a WordPress blog. It is based on the template Tarski 3.0,5. I created the header myself and uploaded it into the template. Everything else is pretty standard Tarsski. However, I also have maybe a dozen plugins and use several widgets – such as one that puts recent posts and the archive in the left sidebar.

      Can you transfer your blog from Blogger to a WordPress blog? Sorry but I can’ answer that question. My guess is that you would have to save all of the posts on your Blogger blog to your desktop and then re-enter them as posts on your new WordPress blog. But that’s just a guess.

      Thanks for stopping by my site.



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